Daniel, 531-675

Daniel is summoned by the king and ordered to explicate the dream. He summarizes the dream and says that the tree represents the king’s glory, so that the king’s power will be toppled and he will go into exile. There he will descend to the level of a beast, living in the wild with no understanding of human speech. After seven years, the king will finally believe in the truth of the power of God, and his kingdom will continue to abide. Daniel advises the king to give alms, and so, perhaps, prevent this from happening.

But Nebuchadnezzer is not swayed. He brags and boasts that he will stay ruler in Babylon. But suddenly the king has some kind of fit and rushes off into the wild, where he lives for seven years. But finally he looks up at the heavens, thinks about God, and his spirit turns back towards men. He goes back to his kingdom as a naked beggar, but his kingdom is waiting for him.

After this the king preaches the power of God, telling people about his exile and insanity. Everything happens just as Daniel had predicted. Nebuchadnezzar remains the mightiest ruler on earth until he dies, and his heirs enjoy strength and prosperity.

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