Riddle 95

“Wandering singer” or “riddle” or maybe “moon.”

Riddle 94

Very fragmentary. Possibly another “creation” riddle.

Riddle 93


Riddle 92

“Beech tree,” or “book,” or “ash tree.”

Riddle 91


Riddle 90

Something to do with wolves, but perhaps the wolves are metaphoric. This riddle is in Latin, and the authorities are no in agreement as to how to interpret it.

Riddle 89

??? The manuscript here is seriously damaged and not much of this riddle can be  made out.

Riddle 88

“Inkhorn” or “antler.”

Riddle 87


Riddle 86

“One-eyed seller of garlic.” (No, I am not making this up).

Riddle 85

“Fish and River.”

Riddle 84


Riddle 83

“Ore” or “money.”

Riddle 82


Riddle 81