Precepts [all]

Thus the wise father, the mind-wise man, old in good-choices, taught his gentle-born child with wise-fast words so that he might grow well. Always do that which is good and your works will thrive. God will always be a lord and protector of every good thing for you; the enemy will worsen works against others. Train yourself to that which is better: always do this with valor as long as you live. Love [your] father and mother with all your heart, each one of your kin if they are in the love of God. To your elders be always dutiful, fair-worded, in your mind think kind thoughts of your teachers, those who are eager to encourage you to goodness.

The wise father spoke again to his son, another time. Hold this with courage: do not carry out crime; no, never consent to it in your friend or kinsman, the less that the Measurer might accuse you, that you are a knower of sin; he will grant punishment to you as likewise he will grant to the others prosperity.

A third time the thought-wise man taught his child with heart-thoughts. Do not dwell with anyone worse, ever, for any reason, but always take for yourself a counselor who is always able to speak in spells and lore, in whatever way he is in the world.

A fourth time the father again taught his mind-loved child, so that he would remember this. Do not desert an apart-friend, but always hold with rightness, perform this with courage, so that you never become treacherous to your friend.

A fifth time the father began with heart-thoughts to teach his child. Pro- tect yourself from drunkenness and foolish words, crime in the heart and lying in the mouth, from anger and malice, and the love of women; be- cause he must often journey away shame-minded, he who succumbs to the love of a woman, a foreign maid- en; there may always be expectation of crimes, loathsome shames, long enmity against God, excessive pride. May you always be wise in sayings, wary against desires; guard [your] words.

A sixth time the beloved one again began to teach his child, with blithe thoughts. Eagerly understand what is good or evil, and separate them always with a sharp mind in your spirit and always choose that which is better. Al- ways it is given to you — if your spirit avails, dwells in wisdom, and you know well, and recognize evil, hold yourself with valor against it, and al- ways cherish goodness in your heart.

A seventh time, the wise man, the father, taught his son, said much to the young one. A wise man rarely rejoic- es sorrowless; likewise a fool rarely rejoices sorrowful about his future, unless he knows hostility. A wise man must be word-cautious, think in the heart, not at all out loud with noise.

An eighth time the old father began to admonish his kin with mild words: learn the lore, the lore adapted for instruction. Teach yourself wisdom. Trust the Lord of Hosts whom you have as a hope, the memory of saints, and always look for truth, when you say anything.

A ninth time the old man spoke, the old scholar, said a great many things to his heir. There are not now many folk that wish to hold the ancient writings, but for them the mind decays, valor cools, duty becomes idle. They do not care a bit for that, though they do error against the Lord’s bidding. Many must thus receive soul-misery, but let you in your heart hold always the old writings and the judgments of the Lord, those which here in each kin-group men permit very much to decline, more than would be for their own rightness.

A tenth time, full of misery-sorrow, the old man again began to teach his heir. He uses wisdom, he who for the love of his soul, guards himself from errors, of words and deeds, always in his soul, and supports truth. To him every gift will be increased by God, with abundant might, when he flees from sin. Do not let an- ger, the abyss of hostile-words, ever rule you, high in the heart, smite you with whelmings. But the stout-minded man guards himself, his thoughts, against that. A man must be fast in wisdom, and measured, and wise of mind, prudent in thought, eager for wisdom, so that he with other people can have his por- tion of happiness. Do not be too ready to blame, nor too double-speaking, nor in your mind think too contemptuously about men, but be loving, light in soul, bear the breast-coffer, so you remember, my son, the lore of the wise father, and hold yourself always against sin.