The Partridge [all]

I have heard again about a certain bird. Wonderful [here this is at least one missing manuscript leaf] The rule of the world said that those who are true to me and turn to me in mind, and turn away from hell-crimes, so I will to you with kin-love soon turn through mild mind. You will be counted and numbered among those who are saved.

Therefore let us eagerly please god and avoid crimes, keep peace in the troop for the lord, so that we may dwell, in the proper time, in the bliss of heaven. Finit.

[P.S.: I don’t think this is a real poem, but a multiquote (to use James Marchand’s term) constructed from the few lines of the bird poem and some other, unrelated poem. And I also don’t think that the bird in the bird poem is a partridge; rather, I think it’s a phoenix. ]