Against a Wen [all]

A charm to remove a wart or sore.

A Journey Charm [all]

A charm to keep someone safe on a journey. It seems to have affinities with “Lorica” (breastplate) poems.

For Loss of Cattle (2) [all]

A second version of the Loss of Cattle Charm, this one from MS CCCC 41.

For Theft of Cattle [all]

A charm to help recover cattle that have been stolen (rather than lost).

For a Swarm of Bees [all]

A charm that is probably intended to get a swarm of bees to stay at a hive or a migrating swarm to settle where desired.

For the Water-Elf Disease [all]

A recipe and charm to cure “wæterælfadl.” Many herbs are involved.

For Delayed Birth [all]

Possibly a collection of charms to help pregnant and breastfeeding women.

For Loss of Cattle [all]

Only three lines of this charm are metrical.  The charm is to be said as soon as one realizes that the cattle are lost.

For a Sudden Stitch [all]

A charm to combat “færstic.”  Most notable for the repetition of “Out, little spear!”

Against a Dwarf [all]

A charm to use if afflicted by a dwarf.  There are some instructions in prose followed by the metrical charm.

The Nine Herbs Charm [all]

The instructions for preparing the  herbs are in the metrical  section,  which is then follow by a few additional instructions in prose.

For Unfruitful Land [all]

A metrical charm embedded in a complex set of instructions (in prose) for renewing unfruitful land.