The Death of Edward [all]

This poem describes the death of Edward the Confessor (1065).

The Death of Alfred [all]

This poem describes how in 1036 the Atheling Alfred was captured by Godwine, blinded, and turned over to the monks at Ely.

The Death of Edgar [all]

The entry for 975 covers all the important things that happened that year, including the death of King Edgar, greatest supporter of the Benedictine Reform.  And there was a comet.  And a famine.

The Coronation of Edgar [all]

Part of the 973 entry, this praise poem describes Edgar’s second (and somewhat mysterious) “Imperial” coronation at Bath.

The Capture of the Five Boroughs [all]

Part 0f the entry f0r 942, the poem describes how King Edmund freed the five buroughs of Leicester, Lincoln, Nottingham, Stamford and Derby from the Danelaw.

The Battle of Brunanburh

A praise poem in honor, ostensibly, of Æthelstan’s great victory at Brunanburh, but also of the heirs of Edward who are said to have accompanied him there.  The English delivere a crushing blow to the Scotts and Vikings and kill many kings and earls, who are then eaten by the Beasts of Battle.  It was the greatest victory, according to the poem, since the Angles and Saxons came up into England and conquered the Welsh.