Cædmon’s Hymn — Normalized West Saxon [all]

This is the version in John C. Pope’s Seven Old English Poems, and thus the version that Wheaton students are memorizing this fall.

Against a Wen [all]

A charm to remove a wart or sore.

A Journey Charm [all]

A charm to keep someone safe on a journey. It seems to have affinities with “Lorica” (breastplate) poems.

For Loss of Cattle (2) [all]

A second version of the Loss of Cattle Charm, this one from MS CCCC 41.

For Theft of Cattle [all]

A charm to help recover cattle that have been stolen (rather than lost).

For a Swarm of Bees [all]

A charm that is probably intended to get a swarm of bees to stay at a hive or a migrating swarm to settle where desired.

For the Water-Elf Disease [all]

A recipe and charm to cure “wæterælfadl.” Many herbs are involved.

For Delayed Birth [all]

Possibly a collection of charms to help pregnant and breastfeeding women.

For Loss of Cattle [all]

Only three lines of this charm are metrical.  The charm is to be said as soon as one realizes that the cattle are lost.

For a Sudden Stitch [all]

A charm to combat “færstic.”  Most notable for the repetition of “Out, little spear!”

Against a Dwarf [all]

A charm to use if afflicted by a dwarf.  There are some instructions in prose followed by the metrical charm.

For Unfruitful Land [all]

A metrical charm embedded in a complex set of instructions (in prose) for renewing unfruitful land.

The Franks Casket [all]

The Franks Casket is a whalebone box carved with scenes from both biblical history and Germanic mythology.  The front and right side includes runic inscriptions in alliterative verse.

The Franks Casket has nothing to do with the Germanic people the Franks, but is instead named after the donor, Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks.

The Brussels Cross [all]

A short poem found on the Burssels Cross, which supposedly contains the largest extant fragments of the True Cross.  The Brussel’s Cross was made by one Drahmal.  The Anglo-Saxon inscription is written in Roman letters, not runes.

The Ruthwell Cross [all]

The runic poem on the Ruthwell Cross, a poem which has some relationship to The Dream of the Rood.