Christ and Satan, lines 534-655a

Simon Peter, in Galilee, asks Jesus if they are now really seeing Him. Some of the disciples have trouble believing. But the poet notes that it was by design that Jesus mounted the cross so that he could lead men out of hell.

Forty days later Jesus ascends from earth into heaven and gives the gift of the Holy Spirit to his disciples. God also restores to life a countless number of souls, but not Judas, who is in hell. The poet describes Jesus seated at the right hand of God the Father.

Now the poet moves on to Judgment Day. The archangels will blow the trumpets and the dead will rise. They will be judged, and the righteous will come into the light of glory. The Lord will speak to the evil ones and send them to hell. There they will suffer the hell torments that the poet enjoys describing.

The poet then exhorts us to obey God and describes the dazzling beauty of God’s kingdom.

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