Andreas, lines 925-1025

God tells Andreas that now he is more aware of God’s power and ready for the next stage of the journey. He is to go into Myrmedonia and free Andrew. He can expect to be beaten and injured, but he will never be killed and is not to despair but is instead to remember the example of Christ’s Passion.

God then returns to heaven.

Andreas enters into the city. God protects him so that he is not seen, and he has almost reached the prison when he sees seven guards standing outside the door. They are suddenly killed, and the door opens to Andreas’ hand. Inside he finds Matthew. The two saints embrace.

[There is then a missing leaf from the manuscript, but the Greek source (which was not used by the poet; a now-lost Latin source was) tells us that Andreas heals Matthew of his blindness and then heals the eyes and minds of the other prisoners. ]

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