Elene, lines 619-708

Elene tells Judas that if he wants to receive eternal life and live with the angels in heaven, he had better tell her where the Cross is. Judas replies that it has been so many years since the Cross was hidden that there’s no way for him to know where it is.

Elene points out that the Hebrews know exactly what the Trojans accomplished in wars even longer ago than the crucifixion. But Judas says that battles are written down, while the hiding of the cross was not.

Elene says Judas is lying. Elene says that she knows, from ancient books, that Jesus was crucified on Calvary, so Judas had better tell her where the Cross is before she executes him. Judas says he doesn’t know the location.

Elene swears that Judas will be put to death via starvation if he doesn’t tell her. Then she has him put in a dry well and chained up with no food. On the seventh day, Judas begs to be released and says that he will reveal the location of the Cross.

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