Christ, lines 972-1080

The fire will spread across the world, destroying cities and melting mountains. Every creature, animal and bird, will be caught by the flame. Fishes of the ocean will scorch in a sea of fire; the water will burn like wax.

There will be much tumult and lamenting among the living. Fire will burn up all worldly filth.

God will come to the mountain and shine out above the hosts. He will command humanity to rise from their graves and take up their earthly flesh, which will be made whole.

The human multitude will rise up when God loosens the bonds of death. The sky will burn and the stars fall, but spirits will pass into everlasting habitation.

Throughout middle-earth, people’s deeds will be exposed and neither will their intentions be hidden.

The trumpet and brightness and burning summon to God all human beings. They will carry with them the hoardings of their hearts and God will consider the quality of the souls. Those who bring a bright face to the Lord will be exceedingly blessed.

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