Christ, lines 1414-1514

God continues speaking: “Then I decided that I did not want my creations being taken by devils.  So I came into the world as the child of a virgin and suffered as an infant wrapped in cloths in a crib. Then I suffered being struck and spit on and then given a drink of vinegar and gall. I was whipped and then a crown of thorns was put around my head.  Then I was hung on a cross and my side was pierced by a spear until the blood rushed out.”

“See the wounds that you made in my hands and feet where I was hung on the cross.  I took your pain so that you could enjoy my kingdom.  My body was laid in the tomb so that you could be among the angels.”

“Why did you give up the life I bought for you? I claim your life because I once gave you mine.  Why did you contaminate your own body? Why do you again hang me on the cross? The cross of your sins is worse than the original cross on which I suffered.  I was poor in the world so that you would be rich in heaven.  But you have not taken care of the needy.  Everything you have done to them, you do to me, the king of heaven; therefore you will suffer exile with the devils.”

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