Guthlac B, lines 1094-1196

Easter arrives and Guthlac gets up from his sickbed. He preaches the gospel so beautifully to his servant than no one has ever previously heard the like: it seems to be the words of an angel.

It had now been four days since Guthlac’s illness began, and he endures without fear even though Death is sneaking nearer. Then it is seven days since the sickness began. Guthlac’s servant visits him and finds him lying on the ground. In the sixth hour, Guthlac can barely speak, but he says to the servant that he should listen to Guthlac’s final words. The servant agrees. Guthlac tells the servant to go to Guthlac’s sister once the saint is dead and tell her that he expects to see her in heaven. He should tell the sister to put Guthlac’s body in a dark tomb where it will abide for a long while in its sandy house.

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