Guthlac B, lines 1278b-1379 [end]

The sun sets, but then a holy light comes from the heavens and illuminates the tumulus all night long.  At dawn, Guthlac rises and tells the servant that it was now time to carry out the tasks Guthlac had assigned him.  Then he lifts up his hands, opens his eyes, and sends his soul to heaven.

A heavenly light surrounds the tumulus as singing angels carry Guthlac to heaven.  The area is filled with sweet smells and beautiful songs.  Then the servant traveles in a boat to see Guthlac’s sister.  He tells her of the saint’s death, saying that he himself is sad at the death of Guthlac, but that the saint has gone to God’s light.  He tells the sister that she should bury Guthlac’s body.

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