The Gifts of Men [all]

New gifts are many and visible on the earth, those which the bearers of spirits experience in their understanding. So the Lord of hosts, the Measurer strong in powers, deals out to men, gives spe- cial gifts, sends widely His own favor, of which each one of the troop-com- panions may receive a portion. Nor is any man on earth so unhap- py, poor, small-spirited or slow-spir- ited that to him the Giver of all will deprive him of the strength of mind or deeds of strength, wisdom in wits or in wordspeakings, so that he will not despair of all things which he has wrought in the worldly life, of each gift. God never determines that anyone must be this miserable. No one again through wisdom strength will rise up in the nation, in the glory of this life, so that the Guardian of the folk will send hither, through His holy grace, wise thoughts and world strengths, all under one’s power; lest in pridefulness the man strong in mind, full of the favors of heaven, turn from moderation and then, arrogant, neglect the poor ones. But He who has the power of judgment deals out diversely, around this middle-earth, the skills of people for the land-dwellers.

To one here on earth He bestows goods, worldly treasures. One is unlucky, a man short of happiness, but is on the other hand skillful in the craft of the mind. One amply receives physical strength. One is freely beautiful in fruitfulness. One is a poet gifted with songs. One is ready of speech. One is quickly eager in the chase, hunting animals. One is dear to a world-powerful man. One is hardy in war, a battle-crafty warrior, when the shield rings. One is able to plan in council the regulation of the folk, when the wise ones are together in an assembly. One is able to plan all sorts of beautiful, high-timbered works; his hand is skilled, wise and controlled. So he works rightly to build a hall, knows how to bind fast the wide structure against collapsing.

One may play the harp with his hands; he has cleverness upon the glee- board.  One is able to run, one is a good shot, one is limb-keen, one is fast on land, footspeedy. One steers a ship on the fallow waves, knows the sea-road, pi- lots ships over the wide waves, when sea-rovers pull the oars alongside the gunnel with quick power.  One is skilled in swimming, one is treasurecrafty of gold and gems, when the guardian of men commands him to create famous treasure for him. One, a mind-crafty weaponsmith, is able to make many weapons for use in war, when he works helmet or sword for the battle of men, armor or shining blade or the roundness of the shield, welded fast against the flying of spears.  One is honor-fast, and eager to give alms, virtuous in obedience.

One is a servant ‘turned’ in the mead-hall. On is skillful with horses, wise in horse- craft. One is ruled by his own mind, endures in patience when he has to. One knows judgment where the troop- companions debate counsel. One is good at dice-playing. One is clever at wine-tasting, a good beer-keeper. One is a good builder, able to build a house. One is a battle-leader, a strong leader of armies. One is a folk-counselor. One is valiant when need be, a ser- vant with his lord. One has patience, a fast-bound spirit. One is a bird-killer, crafty with hawks. One is fast on a horse.  One is very quick, has amusing tricks, a gift for glee-deeds, for the people, light and limb-flexible. One is gracious, has a spirit and a word agreeable to people.

One here eagerly embraces in mind the needs of the spirit and to him the hope of God is chosen over all the earth. One is brave-minded in devil-struggles, is always ready to fight against sins. One has strength in many church duties, is able loudly to praise the ruler of life with praise songs, has an elevated, bright voice. One is book- wise, skillful in lore. One is skillful at writing wordsayings.

There is not now any man on earth that is so crafty-minded, nor is there anyone so strengthened, that all these things become accomplished alone by him, unless vainglory injures him, or his heart rises because of his fame, if he has alone, surpassing all men, beauty and wisdom and the glory of works.

But He diversely restrains the kin of men from vainglory, and His grace gives to one virtue, to the other power, to one beauty, to one in war, to one man He gives a mild heart, a virtuous mind, one is loyal to a master. So worthily the Lord widely sows His benefits. May He always have honor, light-borne praise, He who thus gives life to us, and shows to men His mild heart.

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