Anglo-Saxon Aloud Greatest Hits is now available

Anglo-Saxon Aloud Greatest Hits: Now Available

The studio called today, and the CDs are finished. I will be able to start shipping them on Tuesday or perhaps sooner. If you would like a copy, you can order them by using the PayPal button at this link: Anglo-Saxon Aloud Greatest Hits. Cost is $30.00 USD ($25.00 for the CD and $5.00 for domestic US shipping)

Anglo-Saxon Aloud Greatest Hits is a 2-CD set that includes ten poems in Old English, their Modern English translations, and commentaries on each of them as well as an introductory lecture. The poems included are: Cædmon’s Hymn, The Battle of Brunanburh, The Wanderer, The Ruin, The Wife’s Lament, Wulf and Eadwacer, Deor, The Fortunes of Men, Riddle 47 (Book-Moth) and The Dream of the Rood.

I will have copies with me at A Long-Expected Party in Kentucky next weekend. For listeners who don’t use PayPal or who are overseas, email me at and we can make arrangements. You can also send me land mail at Prof. M. Drout, Wheaton College, 26 E. Main Street, Norton, MA 02766, USA. Thanks to all the listeners and readers who have given me so much encouragement. And if people like Anglo-Saxon Aloud Greatest Hits, I can maybe someday put together Anglo-Saxon Aloud: Unplugged.

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