Christ, lines 104-213

O Dayspring, come and illuminate us: poet praises Earendel, the brightest of angels, sent to man upon Middle-earth.

O Emmanuel: poet praises God, the rule of all, and invites him to come in His own person.

O Joseph: poet praises Joseph, telling first the story of Joseph’s disbelief and anguish over Mary’s pregnancy and then celebrating Mary’s virginity.

Christ, lines 1-103 [Start of Christ I]

The poem is usually divided into three parts, Christ A, B, and C, corresponding to the Advent, the Annunciation and the Last Judgment. Christ A is comprised of sections based on the Latin Antiphons for the liturgy of Advent.

O King of Nations: the poet praises Christ for being the wall-stone that the builders had rejected but which is now the cornerstone of the hall.

O key of David and Scepter of the House of Israel: The poet blesses Christ for leading the way to heaven and then begins speaking of Mary, a young woman without sin.

O Jerusalem: The poet praises the heavenly Jerusalem.

O Virgin of Virgins: The poet praises Mary and gives Mary’s speech confirming her virginity and noting the the curse of Eve is now overcome.