Riddle 80


Riddle 79

“Horn” (but only because this riddle seems to be a variant of the first line of the subsequent riddle in the manuscript, Riddle 80.

Riddle 78


Riddle 77


Riddle 76


Riddle 75

“Savior” or “Dog” (depending on whether or not one wants to emend one of the runes).

Riddle 74

“Swan” (but older commentators suggested “cuttlefish.”)

Riddle 73


Riddle 72

“Ox” or “Ox pulling cart.”

Riddle 71

“Shield,” “helmet,” “sword,” “dagger”?  (some kind of iron object).

Riddle 70

“Pipe” (musical instrument).

Riddle 69


Riddle 68

“Winter.”  (Although written as two riddles in the manuscript, Riddle 68 and 69 are often taken as one riddle, “winter and ice”).

Riddle 67


Riddle 66

“Creation” (often thought to be a re-shaping of the section part of Riddle 40).