Riddle 30a

“Timber cross.”

[There are two copies of the text of this riddle in the Exeter Book, here, at folio 108r and another, later, at 122v.  The second version, called Riddle 30b, will be posted when I reach folio 122v in].

Riddle 15

Badger ( more about badgers here).

Riddle 13

“Ten Chickens.”

Temporary Hiatus

Due to a technical glitch and an international conference, I will be unable to post to Anglo-Saxon Aloud this week. Posting (of Guthlac A, to start) will return Monday, August 6th.

Delay for Dream of the Rood

I’m just getting over a cold and hoarse voice, and I’m off to give a lecture, so I am going to postpone recording and posting The Dream of the Rood, probably until Tuesday, June 5.   This is one of the most beloved poems in the Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records, and I want to be able to give it the kind of a reading that it deserves.