Genesis, lines 2338-2461

Abraham asks that Ishmael be blessed by God, and God agrees, but He says he will hold His covenant with Isaac, whom Sara will bear. Abraham does what God commands [circumcises the men in his family]. Sara, hearing that she is to bring forth a child, laughs. But God says he speaks that truth and that Abraham will see his own child.

Abraham and God and angels set out go to Soddom. God says to Abraham that he has heard an outcry about the sin of this city. He will go down there and see what men do. [Abraham’s pleading with God to save the city if even ten righteous men can be found is absent from the poem at this point].

Two angels go into Sodom, Lot sees them and asks them to come into his house. The angels say they will stay in the street, but then they agree to go with Lot. Then the young and the old of Sodom come to Lot’s house and command him to bring forth his guests.

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