Genesis, lines 2462-2599

Lot quickly comes out and says that he has two pure daughters, and he offers to give these daughters to the crowd if they will leave the strangers alone. But the crowd tries to grab Lot and force their way into his house. Then the angels strike the entire crowd blind. The angels then tell Lot that if he has any kinsmen or friends in the city that he should bring them out, because they (the angels) are going to destroy Sodom and Gomorra with fire. Helped by the angels, Lot and his wife and two daughters flee to hills. Sodom and Gomorra are destroyed, and Lot’s wife, who looks back. is turned into statue of salt. After a somewhat homiletic passage that recapitulates what happened and is sure to attribute it to the power of of God, we learn that Lot went up into the hills and dwelled in a cave with his two daughters.

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