Genesis, 2760-2936 [end]

Then God comes to Sara, and Sara conceives from Abraham and the child is named Isaac. He grows up and thrives, and Sara becomes concerned about Ismael, the son of Hagar the slave woman. God tells Abraham to cast them out, but that a nation will arise from Ismael. Abimelch and Abraham settle a dispute and make a covenant at Beersheba. And Abraham travels in the lands of the Philistines.

Then God tells Abraham that he must sacrifice his own son, Isaac. He travels to the place of sacrifice, and then leaves his men behind as he and Isaac climb the hill. Isaac asks where the sheep is that they are to sacrifice. Abraham says that God will find a sheep as is fitting to Him. They build a pyre and Abraham binds Isaac on it. Abraham raises his sword to kill Isaac, but then an angel speaks in a loud voice, stopping him. Abraham finds a ram with its horns entangled in briars, and he sacrifices it in place of Isaac. Then Abraham thanks God for everything God had done for him.

The poem ends here, although there is obviously a great deal more of the book of Genesis that either never was paraphrased in Old English verse (most likely) or was lost.

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