Genesis, lines 2600-2759

Lot becomes drunk, and his daughters lie with him. From them are born a son named Moab and a son named Ammon. As seems to be the case when discussing particularly weird or unpleasant material, the poet points out that “the writings tell us” this. From Moab come the Moabites and from Ammon the Ammonites.

Abraham and Sara travel into the land where Abimelech is king, and they once again use the trick of saying that Sara is Abraham’s sister.  Abimelech seizes Sara. God comes to Abimelech in a dream and says that Abilmelech shall die because he has taken Sara. But Abimelech pleads with God, pointing out that he did not know Sara was married and that he has done nothing to her. God tells Abimelech to give Sara back to Abraham, and states that Abraham is a prophet. Abimelech asks Abraham why he said Sara was his sister, and Abraham explains himself. Abimelech gives them gifts. God had been angry with Abimelech and afflicted him and his people, but now, at the urging of Abraham, he heals them.

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