Andreas, lines 1335-1445

The crowd rushes to seize Andreas, but they stop when they perceive the cross of Christ upon his face.

Satan asks this warriors what is wrong, and one answers that they cannot now harm Andreas.  “Do it yourself,” he suggests, but then argues that they should insult the trussed-up Andreas rather than attack him directly.

Satan says that Andreas has deceived many people and that for this he deserves punishment.  “Who on earth will free you?” he asks.

Andreas replies that God can easily free him, just as God easily exiled and chained up Satan.

Satan runs away.

The crowd brings Andreas out of the prison for a third time and beats and wounds him.

Andreas cries out to God that he has never withstood a harsher fate, references Jesus’ suffering during the crucifixion, and asks if he, Andreas, might be allowed to die and thus escape these torments.

God speaks to Andreas and tells  him not to despair, that He is watching over him.  He tells Andreas to look back at the trail of his blood across the ground.

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