Andreas, lines 1446-1553

Andreas looks back and sees not the trail of blood he must expect, but instead flowering trees. Andreas praises God for this.

The crowd of evil ones puts Andreas in prison for a fourth time. Now God comes into the prison and speaks with Andreas, telling him that he will no longer suffer pain from the enemies. He is immediately healed of his wounds.

A new section (section XIV) begins with a “Hwæt!” and the poet explains what he has been doing (praising the saint). He then recounts what he calls an old legend, about how Andreas noticed some marble pillars and spoke to them, calling forth a spring from the marble. A stream rushes out of the stone and begins to rush through the town, washing away the evil warriors. They try to flee the city, but an angel prevents them by spreading fire around the city. Inside, the water drowns many and the fire burns others.

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