Andreas, lines 1554-1658

After the destruction by fire and water, the evil ones are weeping. One man says that now they understand that their mistreatment of Andreas was wrong. He suggest releasing him immediately. The sea rises up to the people’s chests and shoulders. Andreas walks out of the prison and immediately a path through the waters appears. The sea subsides, and then Andreas causes a chasm to open up in the earth into which pour the waters and the worst of the enemies.

The people declare that they now see that God has more strength.

Andreas tells them not to fear, that, although God killed the worst men, for the survivors, heaven is revealed. Andreas then intercedes with God to bring back to life the young men killed by the waters.

These young men are baptized, and then they, at Andreas’ command, build a church at the spot where the flood began. Baptism and all the rites of Christianity are instituted, and Andreas consecrates one particularly wise man, named Platan, as a bishop for the people.

Now Andreas is ready to leave, and he tells the people that he will seek a ship.

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