Guthlac A, lines 170-261

Guthlac was good and close by him was an angel. He armed himself with spiritual weapons and he had God’s protection when a host of devils attacked him. The angel gave him courage when the devils said that Guthlac would be burned on his tumulus and his death would upset his kin unless Guthlac gave up his struggle against the devils and went back to civilization.

But Guthlac did not give in.  The demons claimed that Guthlac had done evil to them when he came out into the hills where they had previously dwelled.

The demons were upset because they are not allowed to live on the ground or in the air. They could also not harm Guthlac, but they still attempted to harass him.  They said that he would be killed if he continued to persist, as they would return with a larger group of demons who would kill him.

Guthlac spoke to the demons, saying that God would protect him from them and that he could retain his place in the wilderness.  “Be gone!  This dwelling place is mine, not yours.”

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