Guthlac A, lines 262-369

The devils gather around the tumulus and raise a ruckus.

The lead devils speaks: “We have never met anyone as arrogant as you. You will suffer from hunger and thirst if you stay here. But if you will listen to us and leave, we will be friendly to you. Otherwise we will come again with a greater company. We will destroy this place in which you live when we come in with companies of horses and armies.”

Guthlac answers: “Even if you call on every devil in the wilderness you still cannot win. Although I will not shed blood to take this place for God, my heart is not frightened because God keeps watch over me. Every day He provides for everything I want.”

Guthlac remains on the tumulus and prays for the salvation of many other souls. He keeps his body from pleasures as a warrior should. The devils hopes that a desire for human companionship on the part of Guthlac would help them in their task of chasing him away. But this did not happen. Guthlac says that he who is guided by the Holy Spirit must obey God’s commands.

[there is then a missing leaf in the manuscript]

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