The Phoenix, lines 1-84

I have heard that far away there is the most beautiful of lands, but no powerful man may reach it because of God’s will.  All the place is beautiful: green woodlands, many rivers, no rain nor snow nor frost nor fire nor hail nor rime nor heat nor cold, but everything is perfect.  The land is covered with blossoms.

The land, wise men tell us, is twelve fathoms higher than the highest mountains.

The wood is filled with leaves in all seasons that never wither.  When the flood came to the rest of the world, this land was unscathed and it will remain perfect even after the judgment and the fire and the opening of the tombs of mortals.

There are no enemies or suffering or weeping, no disease or death or losing of life, no hail or frost nor rain, but there are beautiful streams.  Twelve times at the command of God the streams flow through the land. The leaves and flowers never fall and beautiful smells linger there always.  This will never be changed until God decides to end this work.

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