The Phoenix, lines 291-392

The bird is very beautiful with many very attractive parts.

When he goes from this earth to seek his old dwelling place, he shows himself to men who from far and near gater to gaze upon him.  The people discuss him in their writings and depict him in stone.

Then the family of other birds gather around him in the air.  They praise him with songs and fly in a circle around the Phoenix.  They follow him towards his dwelling place, but then the Phoenix flies away and departs from the earth.

Thus after death, the bird goes back to his noble homeland.  The other bird return home, mourning.  Only God knows whether the Phoenix is male or female.

In his homeland, the bird enjoys the streams and woodlands for a thousand years.  And then the pyre burns him again.  But he is afterwards awakened to life.  For this reason he does not despair, because he knows that the flames will renew him.  He is his own son and father and the inheritor of his old heirlooms.

Likewise each blessed person chooses everlasting life for himself instead of dark death.  The nature of the Phoenix is similar to the chosen servants of God on earth: through the Father’s help they keep happiness and prepare for themselves prosperity in the heavenly homeland.

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