The Phoenix, lines 393-481

We have learned how God made the first man and woman and set them in paradise. They lacked nothing as long as the obeyed the Lord’s command not to eat of the tree, but the ate the apple against God’s command. For this they suffered punishment and ever since their children have paid for their sin. They had to give up the noble land due to the serpent’s seduction. Paradise was closed until the King of Glory opened it to the holy ones through his Advent.

The migration of the bird is similar to this. We he is old, he leaves his dwelling place and find a high tree in the woods in which he builds a nest. He wishes to have a new life through fire. Likewise our ancestors left paradise and made a long journey on which monsters harmed them often.

But there are many on earth who serve the Lord and he is pleased with them. This is the tree in which the holy live. No enemies can harm them there. The warrior for the Lord builds a nest for himself through his good deeds. The Lord is a shield to him. The good deeds are the herbs and fruits which the bird gathers from near and far.

Out of these herbs a city in the heavens will be built for them.  This way the blessed one earns joy and a heavenly home with the Lord until the end of the world, when death takes the life of each man and sends the bodies to where they will remain until the fire comes.

That day the Lord will lead all men into a gathering and pass judgment on all men.  The blessed will depart to heaven while the world burns.

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