The Phoenix, lines 492-588

Then in that hour of revelation the image of the bird will come.  Things will be well for those who may find favor with God at that time.

Spirits will return to their bodies while the fire rises up to the heavens.  The blessed will be clothed with their works: these are represented by the herb with which the bird builds its nest before it is burned up and reborn renewed.  Likewise all men will be re-clothed in flesh, renewed.  Then holy spirits will sing as the blessed are raised up, clothed with their good deeds.

Let no one think I am making this up.  Listen to the wisdom of Job, who says that he will be allowed, just like the phoenix bird, to be renewed after resurrection.

So the wise man in the early days sang so that we would better understand what the bird means.  The bird gathers up the ashes, bones and cinders and brings them in his feet to the Lord’s land.  So, after death, souls will journey with the body, adorned, like the bird, with noble smells, to great joy in the heavenly city.

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