Juliana, lines 1-104

We have heard of what happened in the days of the persecutions of Maximian: he hated Christians. There was a nobleman who sacrificed to idols. He began to desire Juliana, but she wanted to preserve her virginity. Julian’s father promised her to the nobleman.

Julian said to the man: if you believe in the true God and stop worshipping idols, I will be commanded by you.

The nobleman became enraged and summoned her father. He said to her father: your daughter does not want to accept my love. This is an insult to me because she says that I have to worship another god.

Juliana’s father beame angry and said: if what you are saying is true, I will turn her over to you for punishment, even a death sentence. He went to speak to Juliana and said: you are the sweetest to me in the world, but you are making a mistake. This nobleman would be good to have as a friend. Do not let his love slip away.

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