Juliana, lines 105-188

Juliana tells her father that she will never accept a marriage with the nobleman unless he becomes Christian.

Her father, furious, says that if she goes on worshipping alien gods, and refuses to be married to the nobleman, she will be torn by animals. To insult the lord of a terrible path of action.

Juliana says that as long as she lives she will not speak a lie. She does not fear and ordeals nor will she ever be turned from the worship of Christ.

The father ordered her to be flogged and put to torture and tells her to change her mind.

She refuses, saying she will only honor the true God.

So Africanus, the father, handed Juliana over to Eleusius.

This nobleman ordered her to be taken to his judgment seat in front of all the people, and he said to her: Juliana, you are very sweet. If you will now worship our gods, you will avoid many tortures.

Juliana refuses, saying that she is not intimidated by threats.

So the nobleman ordered Juliana to be stretched out naked and beaten with whips.

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