Juliana, lines 635-731 [end]

Juliana is then taken to the edge of that country to be killed. She speaks to the crowd, encouraging them to remember God in heaven and to hold fast in faith. She is then killed with a sword.

Then the nobleman takes a ship voyage and he and all his men are drowned. But Juliana’s body is taken by many people to her grave inside the city.

[Then follows the exhortative passage that contained Cynewulf’s runic signature. The first part of the passage is difficult to interpret, but seems to mean that Cynewulf is in great need and that he hopes that the saint will give him help when those closest to him must part. His soul will depart from his body on a journey. He will pass away and God will be angry when those who have sinned must await judgment. Cynewulf will be afraid].

He remembers all his sins and weeps for them. He will need favors when he dies. Cynewulf prays that everyone who reads the poem will remember his name and pray to God for him on Judgment Day. He concludes by praying that we will all find God merciful in that time.

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