Juliana, lines 559-634

[this leaf begins with the end of a prayer by Juliana]

After Juliana finishes praying, an angel puts out the fire where she was standing unharmed. The nobleman now needed to find another way to execute Juliana, so he orders her to be thrown into boiling lead.

But when she is pushed in, the boiling lead explodes, killing 75 of the onlookers. And not one hair of her head nor one thread of Juliana’s clothing is burned.

The nobleman is furious, and commands that Juliana be decapitated by a sword. Juliana is happy when she hears this, because she knows that her life will now be set free.

Suddenly, the same devil that Juliana had forced to confess arrives from hell. He speaks to the crowd, telling them to punish her because she had humiliated him. Juliana looks at the devil and he scrambles away, saying that he is destroyed because she has shamed him so much.

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