Riddle 65

“Onion” (another sexual riddle).

Riddle 64

“Man, horse and hawk” (compare to Riddle 19).

Riddle 63

“Flask” or “drinking cup.”

Riddle 62

“Flaming arrow” or “hot poker.”

Riddle 61

“Shirt” (another sexual riddle).

Riddle 60

“Reed” or “Stick inscribed with runes.”  Sometimes thought to be linked to “The Husband’s Message,” which is the next poem in the manuscript.
(My favorite bizarre solution, suggested by Morely, is “a letter-beam cut from the stump of an old jetty.”  Pretty specific!)

Riddle 30b

“Timber cross.”

This riddle is essentially the same as Riddle 30a, which appears much earlier in the manuscript.

Riddle 59


Riddle 58


Riddle 57

“Crows” (at least it is some kind of birds).

Riddle 56


Riddle 55

“Sword-rack.” ? (possibly “gallows”)

Riddle 54


Riddle 53


Riddle 52