Riddle 51

“Pen (and three fingers holding it).”

Riddle 50


Riddle 49


Riddle 48

“Chrismal,” “paten,” or “chalice.”

Riddle 47


Riddle 46

“Lot with his two daughters and their sons.”   Riddles 46 and 48 are written as one riddle in the manuscript.

Riddle 45


Riddle 44

“Key.” Another sexual riddle.

Riddle 43

“Dough,” one of the sexual riddles.

Riddle 42

“Cock and Hen.”
Riddles 42 and 43 are written as a single riddle in the manuscript, but they are obviously two different riddles.

Riddle 41

“Earth,” “fire,” “wisdom,” or “water,” but nobody really knows as there is a missing folio in the manuscript, so the first part of the riddle is lost.

Riddle 40

“Creation.”  This is a translation of Aldhelm’s Enigma number 100: “De creatura.”

Riddle 39

“Day” or “time.”

Riddle 38

“Young bull.”

Riddle 37

“Wagon” or “bellows.”