Juliana, lines 198-288

The nobleman gives Juliana another chance to obey him, but she refuses, saying the she trusts in God. The nobleman then has Juliana hung by her hair on a gallows and be beaten for six hours. Then he ordered her to be taken down and put in prison. Lying inside the prison door, she continued to praise God. The Holy Spirit was her companion.

Then a devil came into the prison, but in the form of an angel. He spoke to Juliana and asked her why she is refusing to give in. He tells her that God wants her to go make a sacrifice to the pagan gods.

Juliana asks where he has come from, and he says he is an angel of God, and that God orders her to save herself.

Juliana cries out to God, asking to be allowed not to submit and asks Him to prove that the devil really is His messenger.

A voice answers from the heavens and tells Juliana to seize the devil and force him to tell his errand.

Juliana grasps the devil.

[here there is a missing MS leaf]

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