Juliana, lines 289-382

[there is a break in the text here. The next leaf begins in the middle of the devil’s confession]

The devil is confessing to having been a part of many bad things. Caused Herod to cut off John’s head, got Simon to start persecuting, Nero to kill Peter and Paul, Pilate to crucify Christ, Ægas to crucify Andrew… I’ve helped do so much evil stuff that I can’t remember it all.

Juliana says: tell me more. Who sent you?

The devils says that his father, the king of helldwellers, sent him. Wow, you should see how terrible hell is and how miserable and afraid we all are. My father sends his servants all over the world to do bad things. And if we aren’t able to turn someone to evil, we get punished.

Juliana says: tell about how you injure people who are usually strong in truth, how do you get them to fall into sin?

The devils says he change shape and turns the minds of those who are strong in truth. I give them heart-lusts, delusions, the desire for sinful pleasures. And when I succeed, my victim goes away from prayer and takes up vices. I bring terror on those I hate for their faith and, if they obey me, they aftewards die, bereft of virtues.

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