Juliana, lines 383-483a

The devil continues to explain how he can harm people by encouraging them into sin.  He says that he has to retreat, humiliated, if a soldier of God remains steadfast and bold in prayer.  Then the devil has to seek out a weaker soldier. Even if this soldier attempts to do a good deed, the devil looks upon his whole conscience and finds a weak point and then convinces the weaker solider that it is easier to give into the desires of the flesh.  The devil seeks to destroy the soul, so that the body will become food for worms.

Juliana speaks again, commanding the devils to explain how the devil can put himself in the company of good people and why he is not afraid of people steadfast in truth.

The devil ask Juliana how she has managed to fetter him, and answers that she trusted in God.  Likewise the devil trusts in the power of his father, the king of hell.  He worries that he will be humiliated in hell because of his defeat by Juliana and asks her to pity him in his need.

Juliana tell him he will have to confess more evils deeds.  The devils replies that he knows he must suffer anything that she commands.

[it is particularly interesting how much C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters seems to owe to this passage]

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