Juliana, lines 483b-558

The devil continues his confession, admitting that he blinds, cripples and burns people.  He also causes their veins to burst and brings about drownings and crucifixions. He also causes strife through drunkenness, and some people he kills with his own hands.  It would take more than a full summer’s day to tell how many evil things he has done since Adam and Eve lost paradise.

The devil says he has also caused all wars.  He notes that no other person had ever conquered him before Juliana.  He will have to tell what happened to him in his dark home (i.e., hell).

The nobleman has  Juliana led out of her cell.  She drags the devils along with her and begs her not to humiliate him in front of the men.  Juliana releases him to go back to the pit.  The devil is very concerned that he will have to tell the other devils what happened to him.

[here a leaf is missing from the MS].

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